Project Description

Internal system for booking conference rooms in the office.

Our need:

In view of the large number of teams and the number of projects implemented there appeared difficulties with booking conference halls where taks with customers could be held. Bookings were doubled, e.g. two people reserved the same room at the same time. We needed an application, which would help to avoid this type of errors and would systemize the system, and at the same time would be easily accessible and would allow to make a booking quickly.

Our solution:

In a short time we have developed the application which is still developed with new additives which will connect other internal applications and will become a dedicated company platform. Currently we do not notice problems with double bookings. Each user who installed application, is informed whether the room is already booked or free. Everyone also receives default reminders about the reserved hall and meeting.


  • No double booking of the same room.
  • Default reminders.
  • Error free application.
  • Application friendly for PCs and mobile (iOS, Android, Windows).