Project Description

To increase the competitiveness and attractiveness of STB device through expansion and improvement of functionality.


The supplier and integrator of software and system solutions for service providers and operators Pay-TV. Offers services to facilitate the daily life through solutions of related devices (Network, Video management of platforms).

Customer’s need:

Support in the development and testing of STB with a network operator. In addition we have supported the customer in the development by providing the boost program (bootloader) and testing the advanced STB device with the middleware of one of the telecommunication operators.

Our solution:

  • Tests for individual parts of software ( tests of the correctness of the interpretation of stream TV by decoders TV, etc.).
  • Communication between the software of decoder and tv portal.
  • Reproduction of the shortest path to identify the error leading to the solution.
  • Development of bootloader (supplied by us) with advanced booting and authorization of the servers of Customer.
  • Integration of external software and suppor of tests on the hardware platform.
  • Tracking and interpretation of network traffic AV.
  • Functional load tests


In a short time the customer managed to start new, free from errors and operating correctly the STB. We have introduced many new functionalities so that the product has become more attractive for the user and more competitive on the market. Modern interface greatly improves the comfort of using the device.



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