We work in the spirit of Agile and Kanban methodology.
We have mastered the art of disciplined management of project perfectly.
You have full control of the project. We do it the clear way.

Let’s start your new project!

Open communication is the key

We know how important it is that we are really “stay in touch”, even if we work in different time zones.

  • We all speak English fluently and some of us also speak German and Swedish.
  • We use any messengers online efficiently.
  • You are always welcome in our office in Poland, we are also willing to visit your Company.
  • Dedicated Project Manager will answer each your question.

Working with us
you don`t feel that you have given the project outside
and that we might be in a another country.

Why our work is so good?

♦ We understand your needs

We begin each project by learning objectives and assumptions completely and the specificity of your business. The most important thing for you and for us is to understand each other well.

We present solutions

If a particular project can be implemented using different technologies, we will present you various possibilities. Everything so that you can make the best decision depending on your business objectives.

We are involved in what we do

We put the whole heart and soul in work, so that you can be calm about the final effect of the project you entrusted to us.

Let’s talk about your next project.

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